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Posted by RodandDenise on September 3, 2011

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

Two Wades, Two Modified Associations


These will both be going into cowboy rigs.

Sept_3_11_Wade_8_5_ST_1107069_front_cropped.jpg Sept_3_11_Wade_9_5_ST_1106066_front_cropped.jpg
This one is an 8" width. This one is a 9" width.


Sept_3_11_Wade_8_5_ST_1107069_fork_cropped.jpg Sept_3_11_Wade_9_5_ST_1106066_fork_cropped.jpg
3 1/4" high by 4" cap horn at 30
3 high by 3 1/2" cap horn at 27
degrees - slightly less pitch.


These both have 5" stock thickness, but you can see the difference in look due to the different horn specs.

The tree on the left also has a shorter bar tip (by request) so there is more back cut on the gullet lip to leave enough room on the bar ahead of the fork. 

The two Modified Associations were ordered by the same maker and were identical except for seat length. 

Sept_3_11_Mod_Assoc_14_1106065_side_cropped.jpg Sept_3_11_Mod_Assoc_14_1106064_front_cropped.jpg
Modified Association saddle tree 14" Modified Association fork.

This tree has a 5" cantle, so with only a 15" seat length, the thigh length on this tree is pretty short.  (Please see our Seat Length and Thigh Length Relationships page to learn more about why cantle height affects real room in the saddle.)  But that is what the customer wants - for winter riding.  Her other tree was an inch shorter!

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