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Saddle Fit Topics

Here is a categorized list of all the blog posts on our site that have to do with saddle fit – and some of the main pages as well just to be complete. The principles behind saddle fit are simple and the three Ps are the foundation for everything we believe in terms of fit: 1.) Position the saddle properly, 2.) nothing should Poke or dig into the horse and 3.) distribute the Pressure over as much surface area as possible without breaking principle number two. If you do these things, your saddle will work on your horse.

There are twelve sub-pages in this topic, which shows you the importance it has played in our lives. They cover:
Foundational Principles
Position of a Western Saddle
Factors That Affect Tree Fit
Saddle Factors That Affect Fit
Rider Factors That Affect Fit
Horse Factors That Affect Fit
Padding and Saddle Fit
Myth Busting and Fallacies
Pressure and Saddle Fit
More Saddle Fit Topics
The Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System
Western Saddle Fit Videos

Speaking of videos, our videos on this topic are available through our website. Our 67 minute Western Saddle Fit – the Basics should have been called More Than Just the Basics, because it really does contain more accurate information on western saddle fit in one place than what we have found anywhere else, but we aren’t good marketers… It is available as a DVD or via streaming, and anyone who rides horses can benefit from it. Our six hour Western Saddle Fit – Well Beyond the Basics video series is available via streaming. Geared towards equine professionals, anyone who wants to dive deep into the topic will easily learn more. Enjoy!!