When the shop gets crowded...

Posted by RodandDenise on December 13, 2014

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2014 Dec 13 1 full benches.jpg

Sometimes it gets a little full in the shop. Freshly varnished trees take room on the bench tops to dry, and when you have four ready to go and some in the wood getting ready to rawhide, the benches get pretty packed.

2014 Dec 13 2.jpg

So here is what our benches looked like for a while this week. From right to left (or front to back, depending on which picture you prefer) they are:

2014 Dec 13 3 8 inch Wade saddle tree.jpg

An 8” Wade with a 3 ¼” high by 4 ½” cap guadalajara horn.

2014 Dec 13 4 13 inch TM Roper wood post saddle tree.jpg

A 13” wide wood post TM roper with a 3" high by 3 ¼” cap horn.

2014 Dec 13 5 8 inch Wade saddle tree.jpg

Another 8” Wade with a 3 ¼" high by 3 ¼” cap horn.

2014 Dec 13 6 8 inch 3B saddle tree.jpg

An 8” wide 3B with a 3” high by 2 ¼” cap Hamley horn.

2014 Dec 13 7 13.5 inch Will James saddle tree.jpg

Next up for rawhiding was a 13 ½” Will James. This one had a 3 ½” high by 2 ½” cap Hamley horn.

2014 Dec 13 8 9 inch Wade saddle tree.jpg

And the last to be varnished that day was a 9” Wade with a 3 ¼" high by 3 ½” cap. Interestingly, none of these are staying in Canada.

2014 Dec 13 9 just starting a bar.jpg

Besides the benches in the main section of the shop being full, Rod was rawhiding trees on the table in the addition. In this picture, he was just starting to stitch around a bar, and that takes a loooooong piece of deer hide lace.

2014 Dec 13 10 pulling it through.jpg

After he takes a stitch, he needs to pull all that lace through before he takes another stitch. And when he does that, standing beside him isn’t a good idea…

2014 Dec 13 11 going back.jpg

Nor is standing behind him. He really wings that stuff through with action and vigour. Rather hazardous to be around him, actually.

So, with the benches all full and Rod making things dangerous by flailing his arms around like a madman, I did the only thing I could do - I went to the house…

Posted by Thomas Schmelzing on 
Hi Denise,
Long time no hear...
I love your blog, at least once a week I check in to get the News....
I think I know where the 3 B tree is going - to northern Idaho, to Julia, am I right?
Although it still is a little early - I wish Ron and yourself a great holiday season. Thomas (Tosch)
Posted by RodandDenise on 
Glad you like it, Thomas. Yup, you are correct on the 3B...

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