Posted by RodandDenise on November 11, 2015

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2015 Nov 11 1 saddle trees drying.jpg

I snapped some pictures around the shop this morning and realized that pretty much everything there was waiting for something. For example, the trees sitting under the bench are waiting to be dry enough to varnish...

2015 Nov 11 2 saddle trees ready to be shipped.jpg

while the trees on top the bench are waiting to be packed up and shipped away. The styrofoam is waiting to have more nails stuck in it for Rod to use to rawhide a tree tomorrow.

2015 Nov 11 3 saddle trees drying.jpg

There are three relatively freshly rawhided trees waiting to dry enough that they can be flipped over and weighted for the duration of their drying time.

2015 Nov 11 4 bars waiting to be finished.jpg

In the dirty room is a set of bars that have been started but are waiting to be finished...

2015 Nov 11 5 wood waiting to be made into saddle trees.jpg

and under the bench in the main part of the shop are parts of trees cut out and waiting to be shaped and made into finished trees.

2015 Nov 11 6 rawhide thawing.jpg

In the back room is a tree’s worth of frozen rawhide in a 5 gallon pail waiting to thaw totally to be used...

2015 Nov 11 7 rawhide waiting.jpg

and in the big blue barrel is another tree’s worth waiting to thaw enough to separate so it fits into a 5 gallon pail.

2015 Nov 11 8 plastic tree.jpg

Hanging up on the wall is an old, broken synthetic tree...

2015 Nov 11 9 trees waiting.jpg

and an old production tree (on the right), both waiting to go back to the kind saddle maker who loaned them to us for filming purposes.

And in the corner is an old broken hand made tree, waiting for us to get it derawhided so we can measure and take patterns from it...

2015 Nov 11 10 saddle parts.jpgand use them along with the “saddle in a bag” which is also waiting for us to make a duplicate tree so it can once again be a functional saddle.

2015 Nov 11 11 English saddle.jpg

And sitting on the mixer is an old, dead English saddle waiting to be dissected so we can learn more about English saddles and trees – just for fun.

2015 Nov 11 12 papers.jpg

And all these things were photographed while waiting on my desk were a bunch of academic papers talking about how riders affect pressure on the horse which I need to reread for blog posts I plan to write, someday… And being as I just put this one together, I guess they will have to continue to wait…


I sure hope that you get a couple of guys wanting to learn this craft from you before long; the horse world needs good saddle makers.
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We would like to teach a few people who are serious about learning to build trees as a profession, and the price is set to make sure they are serious. 

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