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Posted by RodandDenise on May 23, 2015

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2015 May 23 1 green grass.jpg

So what’s been happening around here the last little while? Well, it’s May, and that means things have been turning GREEN!!! around here. We love green. It’s such a nice change from white…

2015 May 23 2 Rod outside making rawhide.jpg

It means Rod can make rawhide outside again, surrounded by GREEN!!! trees and GREEN!!! grass. Much nicer than wearing a mask inside like he has to in the winter.  (He took it off for the pictures...)

2015 May 23 3 Rod building a saddle tree.jpg

However, Rod can’t spend all his time outside, enjoying the sun. He still has to work in the shop, building trees… (This one is a 13 ½” wide Buster Welch fork.)

2015 May 23 4 Rod rawhiding a saddle tree.jpg

And then he has to stay inside and rawhide those same trees…

2015 May 23 5 saddle tree drying.jpg

But then the trees get to go outside, next to nice GREEN!!! grass, while the outside dries. In weather like this, it takes only a few hours till they have to be put back inside for the duration of their drying time…

2015 May 23 6 saddle trees waiting for varnish.jpg
After which, Rod stacks them on the tables and lets me know they are ready to varnish. That part’s my job…

2015 May 23 7 garden.jpg

But even from the shop windows and open door we can see the garden. It is pretty much planted, except for the ones that really don’t like to get chilled - squash, beans and the like. It can still get cool here overnight.  The rhubarb and mint are doing really well. They’re GREEN!!!

2015 May 23 8 4 green shoots.jpg

And some of the shoots are already up – peas and corn and onions and garlic, etc. And they are GREEN!!! too…

2015 May 23 9 tulips.jpg

Gardens don’t just mean veggies, but flowers. Tulips!!! (They survived the winter – yay! That’s not always a given this far north.) The leaves are GREEN!!!, but the different colors are lovely too…

2015 May 23 10 gates are fixe.jpg

Other jobs around the place that wait for spring are things like replacing rails. The gate has needed work since last fall, so it is very nice to have that job done. The braces should last another 10 to 12 years. Not bad for native poplar.

2015 May 23 11 used to be green.jpg

But while working outside, we are noticing a change. Some things that were GREEN!!! aren’t anymore…

2015 May 23 12 not again....jpg

We had a reprieve last year, but it looks like we’re in for it again

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