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Posted by RodandDenise on January 31, 2015

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2015 Jan 31 1 closed door to the dirty room.jpg

You may have noticed that, while in the summer I post pictures of Rod grinding away on trees, in the winter you mainly get pictures of him rawhiding, or sometimes cutting something out on the bandsaw. That is because in the winter, he is hidden away for much of the time behind this closed door…

2015 Jan 31 2 grinding on a saddle tree bar.jpg

in what we call the “dirty room”. Called that, surprisingly enough, because it gets dirty in there… Well, actually, more dusty than dirty. Lots of sawdust gets flung around by the side grinder and other sanding operations. The big blue tub with the furnace vent attached to our cyclone dust collection system really does collect a lot of the dust,

2015 Jan 31 3 dust in the dirty room.jpg

but despite having lots of air flow, not all of the dust goes into bin. Some of it ends up on the floor, where it gets swept into the corner till Rod bags it up. (He has to do it because that’s his room. I don’t go in there...)

2015 Jan 31 4 work bench in the dirty room.jpg

The down draft table does a decent job of keeping the dust created by sanding from spreading around, but there is still dust lying around the bench from the grinding. But since the dirty room is only about 6’ x 7’, the dust is kept quite confined – which is the whole point of having a dirty room in the first place…

2015 Jan 31 5.jpg

However, it takes an out of the world kind of prep to go work in there. Here is Rod prior to embarking (cue Star Wars music) into - The Dirty Room.

2015 Jan 31 6 with Darth Vader mask.jpg

First, he puts on his Darth Vadar mask, which makes him talk funny.

2015 Jan 31 7 with ears.jpg

Then he tries to do his Princess Leia impression by putting on his “ears”.

2015 Jan 31 8 with tree parts.jpg

After which he picks up a whole tree in one arm and heads into the dirty room, “boldly going where no man has gone before”. (Oops. Mixing up my futuristic shows there. Sorry…)

2015 Jan 31 9 he's gone....jpg

And then he closes the door, back to the ol’ grind…

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