There are still firsts...

Posted by RodandDenise on February 26, 2016

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2016 Feb 26 1 Exposed Paduk horn Nelson 1201013 17.jpg

You would think that after twenty years of building trees, we’d be running short of different things to do. Nope… While we have built a fair number of exposed wood horn caps in the past,

2016 Feb 26 2 small exposed wood horn cap on Arizona Roper Saddle Tree.jpg 2016 Feb 26 3 exposed wood cap on Arizona Roper Saddle Tree.jpg

this is the first one going down south to the area where "we don’t like those big horns”… Three  and a quarter inch Jarrah wood exposed horn cap on a 14” Arizona Roper tree. (It’s in the mail, Terry…)

2016 Feb 26 4 5.5 inch exposed wood horn cap 6 inch stock 1302018.jpg

And while it’s not the first time we’ve built a 5 ½” cap horn with a 6” stock thickness

2016 Feb 26 5 5.5 inch cap 6 inch stock thick neck.jpg

it is the first time we have been asked to do one with this thick a neck on the horn and with a normal horn cap.

2016 Feb 26 6 no breaks or cracks in fork.jpg

And while it’s not the first time we’ve built trees for an "equipment tester” style of rider,

2016 Feb 26 7 replacement saddle tree.jpg

it is the first time we have built one which will have the fork

2016 Feb 26 8 exposed cantle back on saddle tree.jpg

and all but the face of the cantle exposed. Actually, this is a replacement tree for one Julian Tubb built over 30 years ago. Considering the life it led, it had stood up well…

2016 Feb 26 9 broken horn.jpg 2016 Feb 26 10 broken fork.jpg
2016 Feb 26 11 broken cantle.jpg 2016 Feb 26 12 broken bar too.jpg
2016 Feb 26 13 old breaks.jpg 2016 Feb 26 14 putting it back together again.jpg

but yeah, it was broke all right… Jigsaw puzzle anyone?

2016 Feb 26 15 2012 March 16 2a.jpg 2016 Feb 26 16  posted 2013 May 15 3 March 24, 2007.jpg 2016 Feb 26 17 2015 March 20 1 Thursday March 18.jpg

And while it’s not the first time, or the second time or even the third time that I’ve shown you pictures of Rod working outside when there was still snow on the ground,

2016 Feb 26 18.jpg

it is definitely the first time he has been able to work outside in February!!

Yup, always something new in this business…

Posted by Jim Townshend on 

a very interesting little synopsis of the good, bad, and not so pretty. many thanks, hope you are both well and happy

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