Kids these days...

Posted by RodandDenise on January 20, 2016

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2016 Jan 20 1 marking out fork.jpg

We’ve had an additional body around the shop the past couple of weeks.

2016 Jan 20 2 wokring on the bar.jpg

He’s a “kid” from just down the road. We’ve known him since he was twelve years old and watched him grow up into a really good guy.

2016 Jan 20 3 lining u pthe fork.jpg

So what that he's over twenty five years old and has a college degree, a wife and a new baby. He’s still a “kid” to me.

2016 Jan 20 4 finished number one.jpg

I would never think of calling Greg a child, but the designation of “kid” still sticks. So I wondered why that is?

2016 Jan 20 5 supervisor at work.jpg

Then I realized that my parents and my aunt still talk about “you kids” when referring to my siblings and me, and we’re all in our fifties now!

2016 Jan 20 6 stitching cantle seams.jpg

So I have come to the conclusion that while “child” specifies a young age, “kid” just means anyone in a generation younger than yourself, no matter how grown up and mature they are.

2016 Jan 20 7 stitching the fork.jpg

Disclaimer: this blog post has been fully vetted and OKed by the kid in question…

Posted by Darcy Kabatoff on 
It's interesting, lately I've been calling some of the young guys at work kids but just the other day somebody sent me a message and called me "Mr. Kabatoff"! I got a bit bent out of shape... I'm not a Mr., my dad is a Mr.!
Posted by Jim Townshend on 
Looks really great. I'm encouraged to see what's going on in your shop.

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