The "twins" are on their way...

Posted by RodandDenise on May 30, 2013

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.


Well, it took longer than normal for these trees to get out the door due to our time away, but I thought maybe you would like to see pictures of the finished trees with exposed Jarrah wood horn caps that I talked about before.


This one has the 5 1/2" Guadalajara style horn cap with the screw holes plugged with wood.


It is hard to get pictures that show the real color of the wood.  Photography help, anyone?


The customer sent us this nickel horn cap which Rod inset into the wood on this 5" Guadalajara horn cap.  Again, the color isn't right on the pictures, but it sure looks good in real life.


Yup, I think they will be happy with it...

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