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Posted by RodandDenise on November 5, 2014

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2014 Nov 5 1.jpg

Let's ask a skill testing question today…

A little bit ago a saddle maker who builds on our trees went out to see a new customer. He took one of our trees which he had on hand to try out on this guy's horses.

2014 Nov 5 2.jpg

He sent us eight pictures total...

2014 Nov 5 3.jpg

including some close ups.

2014 Nov 5 4.jpg

He did a nice job on the pictures.

2014 Nov 5 5.jpg

And he didn’t forget the back of the tree, which a lot of people tend not to look at very much.

2014 Nov 5 6.jpg

This horse is obviously a different body type than what this tree was built to fit.

2014 Nov 5 7.jpg

But it isn’t an uncommon body type. In fact, this is a fairly common horse shape in some disciplines.

2014 Nov 5 8.jpg

He also took a saddle built on one of our trees and had the customer saddle up and ride it on his horse.

Fitting specs on this tree were 4 ¼” hand hole width, 90 degree bar angle, 8” gullet height, our regular rock (which fits an R6 on the DL system) and our normal crown.

He wanted to know what we suggested to change from his normal specs to fit this customer's horses. I’ll tell you what we decided in the next blog post. In the meantime, our question to anyone who is interested in answering is the same - “What would you want to do differently to fit this customer’s horses?”

Posted by Buck Stephens on 

The angle of the bars are to steep?Bars maybe need more rock at the back of the bars?Maybe not as much crown on under side of bars?Thanks for all that you guys do for the horse. Hope to hear from you.


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