Another Charro tree

Posted by RodandDenise on December 12, 2013

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.


Last week I posted this picture without an explanation of what type of fork this was. From the back, it may be hard to tell, though the horn could give it away.  So, for those of you who have been waiting expectantly (or not...) here's the answer!


But from the side, it is pretty easy to see that it is a Charro style fork. We have had more comments and e-mails about the charro tree we showed you before than any other blog post, so there is a real interest in this style of tree. But in looking on the net, there is obviously a lot of variation in what a charro saddle can look like, and that variation goes back to the trees as well.


The one from before was 16 ¾ inches wide.


This one is only 11 ½” wide, which meant that Rod was able to rawhide the fork without a seam, which is always a bonus...


While both trees have the same stock thickness (5 inches) the first one had a 7 ¼” horn cap


while this one only had a 6 ¼” cap. But they both, of course, had the very thick edge to the horn cap that is typical of charro saddles.


The first tree was ordered with cantle slots


while this tree had none.


But both had the thick edge of the cantle that charro saddles have.


And here is a picture of the whole tree, rather than just the bits and pieces I have been showing you so far. Overall, we’re pretty happy with it, and we’re looking forward to seeing it finished.


After all, the first one turned out pretty nice! 

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