Video for the Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System

Posted by RodandDenise on May 4, 2020

We are no longer building saddle trees. We have two saddle fit videos available on our websiteWestern Saddle Fit - The Basics, aimed at riders, is available either on DVD or streaming on Vimeo while the six hour series Well Beyond the Basics, aimed more for professionals but understandable by anyone, is available by streaming on Vimeo. (We left this website up because we have had many requests to keep the information available.)

Hello again!!  For any die-hards who still check here, we wanted to let you know that we have a new video out on the Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System. It shows you what the system consists of, how to use it properly, and we also discusses how it helps in other ways because it is an objective standard that doesn't change over time. Enjoy!!



Posted by Carla Hawks on
Hi Rod, thanks for this video! Great refresher. Wish you were still making trees. I hope you're finding joy and prosperity in your new occupation. Thanks for keeping all your content up.
Carla Hawks
Posted by RodandDenise on
You are very welcome!
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