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Posted by RodandDenise on April 27, 2024

In looking back to get the website ready so it can stay for a long time, but is not easy to add to or change, I found a folder on my computer – Ideas For Blog Posts. In it are things I have written about, but a whole lot more that I haven’t. And part of me wants to dig in and finish them up. But we have moved on in life, and that won't happen now.

Besides, will talking about saddles, and trees, and how they work on horses ever be finished? No. Not by us. Not by anyone. There will always be more to learn. And even if we ever got all the information we wanted, would we ever all agree? Not a chance!!

So this has been our platform, for a few years, to give our views and explain some of what we have learned, discovered and developed over our saddle tree making career. People have asked that we leave it up for the information here, so we will as long as we can. And hopefully others will build on what we have done, as we have built on what others have done.

In the meantime, we still have our videos available for purchase: The 67 minute Western Saddle Fit – the Basics and the six hour series Western Saddle Fit - Well Beyond the Basics.

And finally, please check out The Most Important Part, because it really is the only part of this whole website that will matter in the (very) long run.

God bless you,
Rod and Denise

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