Snow showers

Posted by RodandDenise on December 24, 2014

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2014 Dec 24 1.jpg

My mother has a saying:  "Sunshine showers don't last for hours."  Today I saw my first sunshine snow shower, and wondered if her saying applied to them too.

2014 Dec 24 2.jpgPictures never capture what a real good snowfall looks like.  There were lots of large, heavy flakes coming down with sunshine as a back drop.

2014 Dec 24 3.jpgThe dots in the sky really are snowflakes with the sun shining over the shop giving the yellow/orange cast to the light.  But it only lasted a few minutes so my mother, as usual, was correct...

2014 Dec 24 4.jpg

And with that, we'll bid all our customers and friends and whoever else happens to read this a very Merry Christmas!  Our prayer is that you will all truly enjoy knowing the Reason for the season.

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