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Posted by RodandDenise on March 15, 2017

Our video, Western Saddle Fit - The Basics, is available either on DVD or streaming on Vimeo!! We have all our blog posts relating to how saddles work on horses organized on our website at

2017 March 14 1 Big yellow truck.jpg

Today was an exciting day!! A big yellow truck drove up to our house…

2017 March 14 2 backing up.jpg

and backed up…

2017 March 24 3 unloading.jpg

So we unloaded

2017 March 24 4 boxes.jpg


2017 March 24 5 boxes.jpgand boxes

2017 March 24 6 and boxes.jpg

and boxes

2017 March 24 8 Western Saddle Fit the Basics video.jpgAnd this is what was in them!!!!

But the website isn’t quite done, so we still can’t sell them to anyone yet. But it’s close! Really close!!

We’ll let you know…


Posted by Eric Montgomery on
Interested in purchasing "western saddle fit" the basics. Please contact me when set up.
Posted by RodandDenise on
Thanks for your interest in the video. Unfortunately, I can’t promise to contact everyone specifically as I have a lot of people who have shown interest. Be sure, however, that I will put up a new blog post (or a few) and spread it on Facebook. Our new website will be Right now it is just routed back to our old site, but when it goes live, then you can buy the video off the site.
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