Springtime in Alberta...

Posted by RodandDenise on May 21, 2016

We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2016 May 21 1 May 19 2016 11 49 am white rain starting.jpg

Thursday, May 19, 11:49 am - Four days after mandatory evacuations due to wild fires were in force less than 100 km (60 miles) away from us.  The rain was definitely appreciated and desperately needed, but just rain would have been preferable…

2016 May 21 2 May 19 2016 12 49 pm covering the corn.jpg

12:59 pm - peas in the garden starting well while Rod is covering the corn and potatoes which have just come up…

2016 May 21 3 May 19 2016 2 49 pm.jpg

2:49 pm - “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

2016 May 21 4 May 20 2016 7 57 am broken branches.jpg

Friday May 20, 7:57 am. The power has been off since 3 am. Stand outside and you can just hear the trees breaking all around the yard. And the snow keeps coming down…

2016 May 21 5 May 20 2016 7 58 trees bent and broken under the snow.jpg

I had shaken the snow off the lilacs, apple trees and other yard trees that I could reach at 9 pm the night before, but it wasn’t enough. The small crab apple tree is broken beyond help, and the damage in the bush will be horrendous.

2016 May 21 6 May 20 4 pm.jpg

4 pm and we have some sun. The trees have been able to shed the snow, but the damage is becoming obvious. Still no power. Glad we have a generator but it won’t run the big equipment so our last student in the tree making course is stalled out in building his tree. Fortunately, there are patterns to make and other things we would normally do in the evenings to keep him going.

2016 May 21 7 May 21 9 35 am.jpg

Saturday, May 21, 9:35 am. Still below freezing this morning under cloudy skies and still no power. Rod has a tree ready to rawhide so our student can be taught that step of the tree making process during this time.

2016 May 21 8 May 21 4 53 pm outside working.jpg

4:53 pm. The power came on at noon - yay!!! And the guys are back working outside again…

2016 May 21 9 damage to trees.jpg

But as I was walking around the yard, looking at the damage

2016 May 21 10 caterpillar lives.jpg

I came across this little fellow. Apparently snow like this doesn’t kill caterpillars, and he survived it…

2016 May 21 11 caterpillar dies!!!.jpg

but not for long!!!

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