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We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

2016 Aug 2 2 nor more orders.jpg 2016 Aug 2 1 orders are done.jpg

Well, Rod rawhided his last tree on July 23rd. Now not only is the orders-in-waiting clip empty, but the working-on-orders clips are all empty as well.

2016 Aug 2 3 shop ripped apart.jpg

The shop is looking different as well. We have gone through everything and made piles of all the tools on benches and around the shop in preparation for selling them to Greg Cymbaluk, another young tree maker just starting out. 

2016 Aug 2 4 still some trees.jpg

But as you can see, there are still a few trees drying and being varnished before being shipped out.

2016 Aug 2 5 Rod still pounding trees.jpg

And Rod is still pounding seams and setting nails for this last week before they all are ready to go, so he’s not fully retired yet. But it sure looks like he is getting into the swing of things by his clothing, doesn’t it? (And yes, I have his permission to post pictures of him wearing shorts. It’s been hot out!)

2016 Aug 2 6 filming for our western saddle fit video.jpg

We’re also still spending a lot of time filming the final bits and pieces for our saddle fitting videos because in another couple of weeks we will no longer own the backdrop or the horses, the trees will all be shipped away and the saddles and other gear will be in storage for a few years. So what isn’t done by the time we move, won’t be done.

2016 Aug 2 7 Rod supervising Greg.jpg

So things are definitely not quite normal around the place. Here is Rod being the supervisor rather than the one wrestling hides around as Greg starts making his first set of rawhide.

2016 Aug 2 8 Rod liking supervising.jpg

Doesn’t look like he is minding the change in roles, does it?

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Congratulations on your retirement and best of luck with the move!

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