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We are no longer building saddle trees. We have two saddle fit videos available on our websiteWestern Saddle Fit - The Basics, aimed at riders, is available either on DVD or streaming on Vimeo while the six hour series Well Beyond the Basics, aimed more for professionals but understandable by anyone, is available by streaming on Vimeo. (We left this website up because we have had many requests to keep the information available.)

Pack Trees

We build both sawbuck and Decker pack trees, and this page shows some pictures of ones we have built.  Our bars are made of yellow poplar laminated with pine or aspen where needed for thickness.  The bottom of the bars are shaped to fit horses the same as our riding saddle trees.  All the Factors That Affect Tree Fit can be changed the same way on our pack trees as on our riding saddles.  The cross bars on our sawbuck trees are made of oak.  The bronze hardware for the Decker tree pictured is from Herb Bork at Bork Saddlery Hardware.  With the quality of wood and the construction techniques we use, there is no need to rawhide our pack trees.

Sawbuck Pack Tree

Sawbuck_pack_tree_1.jpg Sawbuck_pack_tree_5.jpg
Sawbuck_pack_tree_2.jpg Sawbuck_pack_tree_3.jpg


Decker Pack Tree

Decker_pack_tree_2012-7_3.JPG Decker_pack_tree_2012-7_9.JPG
Decker_pack_tree_2012-7_4.JPG Decker_pack_tree_2012-7_5.JPG