We are no longer building saddle trees, but we have two videos about how Western saddles fit horses available on our website.

Pictures of Trees

This section is more than a catalogue of tree styles.  It also explains the factors behind the variations available so you can understand why the different forks and horns are made the way they are and appear the way they do.

The Wades and Slick Forks pages have both explanations and pictures of the variations in tree styles.

The Swell Forks main page explains the three factors that comprise the shape of a swell fork.  Understanding these helps you when comparing between different swell forks.  Pictures of some of the different swell fork styles are in alphabetical order on the A to L Fork Styles page and the M to Z Fork Styles page.

The Wood Post Horns main page compares the look of wood post horns on different stock thicknesses and different forks styles and explains why they look the way they do.  With different horn heights, cap sizes and horn pitches, there are a lot of variations available to wood post horns, and the Horns on Wade Trees and Wood Post Horns on Swell Forks Trees pages have charts with pictures of a lot of those variations.  The Special Wood Post Horns page has examples of some different shapes and some fancy wood horns we have made.

The Metal Horns page tells you about our metal horn forks and then has lots of pictures of some of the various permutations and combinations of horn types, horn heights and cap sizes available in metal horns. 

The Cantles page is the lead in page to our five pages on cantles.  There are Regular cantles at regular widths, Taylor cantles at regular widths, Regular cantles at narrow widths, Taylor cantles at narrow widths and Special cantles.  Makes it easy to see and compare the look you want in a cantle.

The Pack TreesSide Saddle Trees and Western Stock (Aussie) Trees pages show you some of these special trees we have made.

The Special Requests page has pictures of some of the different things customers have asked us to do on their trees.  Unless there is a functional reason we feel your idea won’t work, we will work with you to build what you envision.