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Side Saddle at the Bar U 2014

We are back from our weekend at the Bar U Ranch watching a side saddle clinic. Here's some of what we saw.
Subscribe to RSS Feed We were way down south last weekend, at the Bar U Ranch where three days of a side saddle clinic was held.  Lee McLean has worked for months…

Measuring a rider for a side saddle tree

New page on our website! The link is here.
Subscribe to RSS Feed I just put up a new page on the main part of our website on Measuring a Rider for a Side Saddle Tree.  I figured I would put the link here for people…

Side saddle design

We took advantage of the opportunity to examine a top quality side saddle and figure out some of its design features, as well as learn from someone who knows a LOT about side saddles. Here's some of what we learned.
Subscribe to RSS Feed A couple weeks ago we had a visit from Lee McLean, who hales from "way down south" - High River, Alberta.  She came with a van load of side…