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Saddle Trees For Sale

Occasionally we have or know of one of our trees which is available for sale.  When that happens, we will post pictures and descriptions on this page. 

This tree has been sold!

Wade saddle tree for sale

Purchased in 2010, this tree has never been built on.
We are posting it here for the owner who now wishes 

to sell it rather than continue to let it sit.
The first two pictures are current. 

Price is $650.00 US plus shipping and insurance
via Paypal.

To purchase this tree please contact the owner.  
e-mail: click here

Tree specs:

9" fork width
4 1/4" hand hole, 90 degree bar angle
7 7/8" gullet height
14 3/4" seat length, 7 1/2" thigh length
5" x 12" Taylor cantle at 40 degrees, 1" dish
2 3/4" x 3 3/4" guadalajara horn

Davis 0911156 2016 for sale 2.jpg Davis 0911156 2016 for sale 1.jpg
 Wade 9 5 ST 0911156 side.jpg  Davis 0911156.jpg
Wade 9 5 ST 0911156 back.jpg Wade 9 5 ST 0911156 Front.jpg