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Posted by RodandDenise on January 18, 2012

We've had some issues with the RSS feed on our blog and Kate, our web person, has worked to get them fixed.  For me, it still didn't work even after the fix, but that was because my computer still had cookies or history or something that stopped it from working properly even after I cleared the history.  But eventually we got it figured.  So if anyone actually has tried to use the RSS feed,  here's what you need to do. 

Click on the Subscribe to RSS Feed button with the orange symbol just a bit above and to the right of this paragraph.  That should open up another page that lists the first paragraph of the last few topics I have posted.  That part has always worked.  Then click on any of the topic titles.  You should get the full page.  What was wrong was that you got a NOT FOUND error message that says the URL content/content etc. etc. can't be found.

If you still get this, go back to the blog and click on the RSS feed button again.  Then when you get to the feed page with all the paragraphs on it, press and hold F5 and the control button at the same time.  This should clear all the old history just from that page and totally refresh the page in a different and more complete way than the refresh button does.  Then click on a title again and see if it works.

It would be really helpful to us if you would leave a comment below to tell us if this is working OK now.  Do you get the page or the error message?  And in your comment could you also say if you have clicked on the RSS button before or not?  Also, what browser are you using? 

Thanks for your help.  Isn't technology wonderful??? (when it works - mutter, mutter, mutter...)


Posted by rdennis on
Works for me boss!
Posted by RodandDenise on
Thanks for the feed back. Appreciate it.
Anyone else?
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