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The things we record and why - part four

What we keep track of about cantles, horns and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.
Cantle type The first thing we record is the cantle “type”, and there are only two real choices in that column – regular or Taylor.  What are these and why do we…

The things we record and why - part three

There are a lot less measurements we record to describe the fit for the rider, but here they are, along with how we get them.
Subscribe to RSS Feed There are a whole lot less measurements we take that affect the fit for the rider compared to the measurements that have to do with fitting the…

The things we record and why - part two

All the things that affect fit for the horse probably comprise the largest group of measurements in our database. Here's what they all are.
Bar type When we talk about bar type, we are talking primarily about outline patterns.  All the other factors that affect fit - crown, rock, twist, length, etc. etc. can vary…

The things we record and why - part one

We keep records of a lot of different measurements and specs on all our trees. Here are a few of them with explanations as to why we think they are important to record.
Subscribe to RSS Feed One of the things I wrote about a while back as being a good reason for ordering a hand made tree is detailed record keeping.  I figured it was…

Reason #9 to order a hand made tree - Detailed record keeping

All our trees have their own serial number, and along with that we keep numerous measurements and other information. It comes in handy sometimes!
Subscribe to RSS Feed Why do we do this? Sometimes we get a call from a saddle maker saying, "You know that tree I ordered back in 2005?  I don't really remember what I…