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Hamley Hangers

Hamley Hangers are metal stirrup bars to go on Western saddles. The Hamley company came up with this design many years ago, but they never became really popular. We finally had a chance to build a tree with them. This is how we did it.
We just shipped out a tree with our first order for Hamley Hangers in 15 ½ years of building trees.  It is fun to be in a profession where you can still be doing different things…

A special saddle tree for a special lady

This tree is going to a lady who had her right leg amputated above the knee. She wanted something with more security to it in case her horse spooked at something when trail riding.
So she and the saddle maker, a regular customer of ours, worked out what they figured she would need.  We built a 14" wide Old Moose fork with the backsweep and leg cut that…

Duplicating trees Part 2- making the replacement

Describes and shows pictures of what goes into making the replacement saddle tree to fit back into old leather.
This is a different tree than the last post, finished and with a lot of the leather in place.  Should go back together pretty well. Figuring out the specs…

Duplicating trees Part 1 - taking them apart

Here is a description of the first half of what we do to duplicate a saddle tree so the old leather can be reused on the new tree.
We have had a run on duplicate trees the last few months.  Maybe the economy is such that people are willing to spend the $ to replace a tree in a saddle rather than buy a new…

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