Saddles For Sale

This page is a service to our customers, to showcase new or used saddles built on our trees that are for sale.  All descriptions and information about the saddles come from the sellers, and we make no claims or guarantees regarding them.  Please communicate with the sellers directly if you have questions or are interested in purchasing a saddle on this page. 

Lightly used  Julia McCormack saddle for sale

Barely used, like new - owner had health issues beginning shortly after receiving the saddle and it's only been ridden a few times.  These pictures are of the saddle brand new.

3B California vaquero old-time all-day saddle
16" seat - thigh length 9-1/4" (seat fits thigh circumference of 24"-25") 
4 1/4" x 93 degrees bar fit
Cantle 4-1/2" x 12 1/2"
All-leather ground seat
3/4 single spider rig
Hermann Oak leather, Big Horn latigo
Bork bronze rings
New 3" Nettles wood stirrups (not the cast aluminum stirrups in the pictures)
New custom silver-plated copper conchos (not the conchos in the pictures)

Price:  $2250 US (was $3000 new)

For more information or
to purchase this saddle, contact:
Julia McCormack
McCormack Hill Leather
e-mail: click here

3B_1101005_cropped_1_small.jpg 3B_1101005_cropped_3_small.jpg
3B_1101005_cropped_2_small.jpg 3B_1101005_cropped_4_small.jpg


Edward Venn saddle for sale

Tree specs:
8" wide Wade fork, 5 3/4" stock thickness
16" seat length, 9 3/8" thigh length
4" hand hole width, 90 degree bar angle
7 3/4" gullet height, 6 5/8" hand hole height
3 1/4" high x 5 3/8" finished cap size horn
4" x 12" cantle at 37.5 degrees

Saddle info:
7/8" flat plate rigging
Elephant hide inlay seat
Jeremiah Watt hardware
3" stirrup leathers
4 1/2" Trina Weber SS covered stirrups
Skirts laced with kangaroo
Comes with latigo and rear cinch
35 lbs.

Price:  $4500 US

This Wade saddle won 2nd place in its category at the
World Leather Debut in Sheridan Wyoming.  

Still brand new.

For more informaction 
or to purchase this saddle, contact:

Edward Venn

e-mail: click here 



Venn_0302013_1.JPG Venn_0802013_Sheridan.JPG
Venn_0302013_2.JPG Venn_0302013_3.JPG



Vern Rempel saddle for sale

Louellen saddle
14" wide swell
16" seat length
4" hand hole width, 90 degree bar angle
4 x 12 1/2" cantle
4" high x 2 1/4" (3 1/4" finished) metal horn
7/8 SS ring rigging
3" leather sewn roper stirrups
Barbwire border

This saddle is new and unused, and comes with a matching breast collar.

Price: $3000.00 Canadian 

For more informaction
or to purchase this saddle, contact:

Vern Rempel
VR Saddlery
Debolt, Alberta
e-mail: click here
(780) 957-2406

Vern_Rempel_saddle_for_sale_1.jpg Vern_Rempel_saddle_for_sale_4.jpg



Lightly used Terry Henson saddle for sale

Louellen saddle
15 1/2" seat length
13" wide swell
4 1/4" hand hole with 93 degree bars
4" high cantle

Full floral and oak carved 
5" bell stirrups 
Stainless Andrews hardware
Includes breast collar and bridle with matching carving 
Price:  $5900 Canadian

For more information or
to purchase this saddle, contact:
Bob Lee
Cochrane, Alberta
e-mail: click here 
Reason for selling:
I've changed disciplines and need a different style.

Terry_Henson_maker_1104041_3.jpg Terry_Henson_maker_1104041_4.JPG
Terry_Henson_maker_1104041_6.JPG Terry_Henson_maker_1104041_5.JPG


Frank Zera Charro saddle for sale

Charro saddle
16" seat length
4" hand hole with 93 degree bars
5" high x 13" wide cantle with cantle slots
7" horn cap

To see more pictures and for a full description of the saddle, please click here to our blog post about this Charro saddle.

Price:  $3000 US with reasonable offers considered

For more informaction
or to purchase this saddle, contact:

Frank Zera
Srping Grove, Illinois
e-mail: click here
please leave a message

Zera_1108078_charro_saddle_1.jpg Zera_1108078_charro_saddle_2.jpg
Zera_1108078_charro_saddle_4.jpg Zera_1108078_charro_saddle_3.jpg